Band 6: Compatibility of Support and Autonomy in Personalized HCI

Compatibility of Support and Autonomy in Personalized HCI (284 Downloads )


Developers and designers of interactive digital systems are faced with many challeng-es, some less visible than others. One of these more subtle balancing acts is between personalized user support and unrestricted user autonomy. It raises the question how a supportive design that takes a user’s needs and preferences into account can be implemented within a technical system while at the same time allowing the user to make decisions freely without restrictions. How can autonomy by design be incorporated into the process? In this paper we describe the breadth of choice heuristic, which can show where the support of the user by the system stops and a restriction of the user’s autonomy begins. To this end, we reference existing literature on similar issues, develop our own conclusions and apply them to our work in a project on IT for elderly people.


Interaction design, user autonomy, value sensitive design, persuasive design, privacy, ethics


Fietkau, Julian & Balthasar, Mandy (2020): „Compatibility of support and autonomy in personalized HCI”. In: Koch, Michael; Ott, Florian (Eds.): Schriften zur soziotechnischen Integration, Volume 6. Munich, Germany: Forschungsgruppe Kooperationssysteme, Universität der Bundeswehr München.

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